Richard Simon Kahn

Richard Simon Kahn

Astrological Counselor & Intuitive

Richard’s soul-centered astrological readings focus on helping you to embrace your life with a greater sense of clarity, purpose, and meaning. Richard discovered his intuitive connection with astrology in his teens. His background includes the arts, graphic design, marketing, photography, a love of nature and a passion for Truth. For many years he was a monk in a Los Angeles ashram, practicing meditation and the disciplines of community living, in addition to counseling and conducting services.

Richard’s keen and compassionate insights help you understand more clearly what Life is offering to you, and asking of you. His intuitive, soul-centered astrological readings focus on highlighting your strengths and helping you gain clarity on issues or challenges in your life as revealed by the archetypal planetary patterns and their symbols.

Richard’s clients are usually delighted and amazed at the accuracy of his astrological readings, and find they serve as a very useful medium for helping them reach a greater understanding of who they are and why they are here.

Astrological counseling is useful for:

• Career questions
• Personal relationships
• Business relationships
• Understanding challenges
• Deepening spiritual identity
• Exploring relocation possibilities or vacation site compatibility
• Understanding your children
• Motivating personal growth

Saturdays 1:00-5
1-hour session + MP3 recording: $100
30-minute session + MP3 recording: $60
Sundays 2:00-5
1-hour session + MP3 recording: $100
30-minute session + MP3 recording: $60

Please note: Exact TIME & place of birth needed for an accurate chart. Some services require research & printing, so please make arrangements in advance.

Also available:
Relocation Report + 30-minute consultation $50
Child’s Chart + In-depth Life Themes Report $120
In-depth Readings for Couples $150 / 1-hour $75 / 30-minutes

Email: | Website: | Phone: 310.339.3937