Ora B. Nance-Woodley

Faculty, Healer

Minister Ora B. Nance-Woodley began her spiritual service work in 1987 by answering the calling to be a minister of healing. Since then her journey of learning, teaching and healing have included study in the Master Program at Christ Universal Temple (founded by Rev., Dr. Johnnie Colemon) in Chicago, IL., and becoming certified in several energetic healing modalities. Minister Ora has taught Meditation/Visualization, Conflict/Resolution, Leadership, Forgiveness, Public Speaking and Seichim Reiki. She also holds healing clinics around the country, raising awareness of alternative medicines and their ability to compliment standard medicine practices.

Ora’s journey of creative expression began in her teens as the youngest of eight talented African American children, born on the south side of Chicago. For over 25 years Ora sharpened her talents as an actor, writer, singer and director/producer of the stage, TV and independent films in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago. She has also written her first book; Diving: Poems & Prose for the Fearless Explorer and is at present working on her 2nd book on wholistic care giving. She has been an award-winning member of Toastmasters since 2007.

Simultaneously, Ora built an impressive background in the business world. Experience in Marketing/PR, promotions, program directing, project managing, accounts receivable & payable and customer service coordination have anchored Ora’s business savvy. All of those skills can in handy as the Membership Chair for the Southside branch of the NAACP (2008).

Currently, Ora is working one her masters in Metaphysics. Soon Ora will be launching her radio show, “Sense and NonSense” on blog talk radio, while she and her husband continue their program called The Wellness Coalitional. The mission: “To bring a powerful ministry of self awareness, self-advocacy and self-healing to the forgotten ones of the world through local action. We will do this through research, education, wellness services & theatrical endeavors and offer a path to a happy, healthy, prosperous life.” Through this program she has counseled and held classes, clinics and workshops on Meditation, Tapping, Muscle Testing, Alternative Medicine, Spiritual Response Therapy, Forgiveness, Spiritual Care Giving, Grieving, Chakra Clearing and Seichim Reiki. Ora has also taught social & life skills, creative writing & drama to students in Chicago and Los Angeles privately(disabled adults), through non-profits and the public school systems.

Ora honors and thanks the GREAT PROVIDER for every step of her journey!

Tapping, Vibration of Sound, Musc le testing

Ear Coning, Kinesiology, Group Sound Healing, Tapping

Office: 312/912-7986; Private VM: 310/853-2947 | Email: orabhappy8@gmail.com