Glossary of Stones

  • Black Aegirine

    Black Aegirine, a sodium iron silicate, is found in Greenland, Russia, Canada, So. Africa and the US. It is a sodium iron silicate mineral with a hardness of 6 on the Mohs hardness scale. Found in its green state, it is called Acmite, but is rarer than the more common black form. Black Aegirine is found growing in the stones Nuumite (Greenland) and Charoite (Russia).

    This is probably the best mineral for removing negative energy from the physical body and for removing stuck energy from the subtle bodies of the aura. It activates a positive flow and is an excellent protection crystal to carry or wear. One of its stronger messages is to not fear the darkness or negativity, but to let your inner light shine with confidence and courage.

    Few stones can carry their weight when removing entities from the aura, but Aegirine is the tool you should reach for whenever doing work of this nature. We can all become vulnerable to imbalance or negativity when we experience fear or anger… Both powerful emotions that compromise the aura and our energy. Once succumbing to these emotions, we open ourselves up to auric holes and energy vampires. Working with Aegirine in a crystal layout will gradually regenerate a damaged auric field.

    Used in conjunction with Moldavite, Aegirine has enhanced powers of ridding the aura of negative energy. If you are fond of black tourmaline for deflecting negative energy, you will enjoy the added qualities of Black Aegirine. This stone doesn’t deflect the negativity, it clears it from the body, the subtle auric bodies and creates a protective shield around you.